SMS Bands

The Middle School Bands are arranged by grades to accent and showcase the development of the students as they gain experience in the art of instrumental music. The bands perform at various concerts and recitals throughout the school year. Each grade’s instruction builds on the previous year to prepare them to play at the high school level, and for many, at the college level. 

6th Grade Band

DSC_5512This is an exciting introduction into the world of the Instrumental Arts. Students get to chose instruments based somewhat on desire; but, also under the direction of where their skill sets seem to excel. It starts teaching the basics of band; how to get a sound from this new instrument in their hands, notes, and trying to play together as a group.

7th Grade Band

Each year builds on the previous year’s teaching. The arrangements increase in the level of difficulty. Some students start having more confidence to play solo and ensemble pieces for their concerts. The sound becomes more fluent as they continue to learn the importance of playing together in a band.

8th Grade Concert Band

DSC_5226In the 8th grade, the level of pieces played is increased to enhance the experience for the students and their audience. As their abilities and proficiencies improve, they are able to continue their growth in music. This is a time that helps distinguish for some their desire to continue in their music development. They are continually introduced to new technique and challenged to practice to improve their skills in playing.

Jazz Band

DSC_5513This is an opportunity for 7th and 8th graders to experience playing different types of music. This is a smaller group that performs at various concerts to add an upbeat sound for the audiences listening pleasure. It broadens the students exposure to different genres and encourages them to seek other styles that they may enjoy playing.